Good Girl

Shirley felt miserable. She regretted that she had emptied a bottle of Brandy all alone, she regretted that she had tried to call her daughter and she regretted that she had slapped her in the face when she had last seen her two months ago.

She was sitting in her bath robe on the pale blue carpet in the living room, next to her the empty bottle and a plate with two old slices of pizza. She was staring at the blinking TV in front of her. Apart from the TV, the room only contained a two-piece couch, a small table and a shelf with only a few books. The walls, however, were littered with photographs of her and her daughter. As so often she was alone at home. more „Good Girl“

Opa Friedrich

I remember it was a mild evening in early spring. The sun was still shining but it wasn’t very warm. Nevertheless Eva and I decided to drive our Volkswagen with the roof down. I had just turned twenty-two, had a steady job at the local newspaper, and Eva was pregnant. I believed that tonight was the right time. After work I had gone straight back home to pick her up for dinner at a restaurant called ‘Le Souvenir’. It was in the city of Vienna and really popular. We could barely afford to eat out, but I wanted it to be a special evening. We had a reservation so we weren’t in a hurry and could enjoy the drive. more „Opa Friedrich“

Charleston, 2013


Stars & Stripes/Gazes

Panasonic GH2
Lumix 14-140mm